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Today is Aug 9, 2022

Stroke Research

Tailored Hospital –based Risk Reduction to Impede Vascular Events After Stroke (THRIVES)

Project Location: Nigeria
Investigators: Medical University of South Carolina (USA): Dr Bruce Ovbiagele
UC San Diego: Dr Samantha Hurst
University of Ibadan: Dr Mayowa Owolabi, Dr Rufus Akinyemi, Prof Tunde Salako,
Dr Oyedunni Arulogun & Dr Lanre Olaniyan

Abstract: World Health Organization (WHO) estimates indicate that death from stroke in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) accounts for 86% of stroke deaths worldwide,
and the disability adjusted life years lost in these countries are almost seven times the number lost in high-income countries.
Most of these LMICs are in Africa. Moreover, it is expected that as deaths from infectious diseases wane, the burden of stroke is likely to increase substantially over the next few decades in LMICs.
Hypertension, the most potent modifiable risk factor for stroke, and once rare in Africa,
is emerging as a serious endemic threat (about 37% of the general population in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country has hypertension).
The occurrence of a stroke itself is the strongest predictor of a repeat event (secondary stroke),
which carries an even higher risk of death than a first-time stroke.Download the full abtract

Stroke Investigative Research & Education Network (SIREN)

PI : Mayowa Owolabi, Co-PI: Bruce Ovbiagele

Abstract: Two critical pillars of the stroke quadrangle are research network aimed at unravelling stroke risk factors and stroke prevention programs. The underlying risk factors for stroke in black Africans have not yet been comprehensively characterized. Stroke Investigative Research and Education Network (SIREN) is a multidisciplinary collaborative research network of investigators in Africa, the United States and United Kingdom collectively focused on exploring ways to promote a better understanding of the genetic and environmental risk factors for stroke among people of African ancestry. SIREN, which is the largest study of stroke in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to date, will first comprehensively investigate the socio-demographic, clinical and genetic characteristics of stroke among Black stroke patients in SSA. The findings will then be compared to those in a cohort of African American stroke survivors (REGARDS), all the while simultaneously building sustainable capacities in phenomics, biobanking, genomics, biostatistics and bioinformatics for future high-level investigation of stroke and other vascular disease entities in Africa.Download the full abstract